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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


If anyone needs someone to turn off your lights (switches only) for you, I have got just the guy! He is also handy at pulling magnets off of the refridgerator, "reorganizing" your shoes, destroying any magazines you are just sick of looking at, checking your air vents, and pulling (multiple) kleenex/baby wipes from the box. So if these are chores that you are looking to outsource, give me a ring!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sneaky Little Devil

Will and I went out to lunch at Olexa's with some of my girlfriends on Saturday. I spent most of the meal clearing food, utensils, napkins, etc. out of his path. Yet...I was holding him and trying to talk to one of my friends at the same time. Apparently I was not paying enough attention to his every move because I looked down at Will's face, and it had chocolate cake crumbs all over it! Oh IS really good cake. I can't blame him for wanting a taste.

Will also managed to lock our TiVo remote on Saturday. He was playing with it, and then I noticed that the red light was on and that none of the buttons worked. I tried pressing various buttons in combination with other buttons to unlock it, but nothing worked. So, I just gave it back to him, figuring that he couldn't mess it up anymore and Zach could deal with it when he got home. Well, what do you know...30 seconds later, the light had gone off and the buttons worked again. Will had locked us out of TiVo, but then unlocked us, too. I think he must be a genius.

On Sunday we took Will on his first trip to the "big" pool at the Y (i.e., not the baby pool in our backyard). He seemed to really enjoy it, although he was a little tentative at first with not being able to put his feet down. We held him the whole time (obviously), and he had fun splashing and even putting his face in a little bit. There was a family with three little girls who were all VERY interested in the "baby" and what he was doing. Will egged them on, being the little flirt that he is! I also loved watching a little boy who "will be two in August" and seeing what Will will be like next summer.

A Wedding and an Illness

Last weekend (June 16th), Melanie and Bob got married! It was a wonderful weekend full of lots of fun activities. Everything was perfect. I don't just mean that everything was perfect despite minor problems. I mean that their wedding went off without a hitch! I've never seen anything like it--nothing went wrong, not even something tiny like no quesadilla bar (like at our wedding). The flowers were beautiful, the groomsmen behaved, no one tripped, they didn't smash couldn't ask for much more in a wedding. I was so happy for them, and it was wonderful to spend time with so many family and friends. I really enjoyed meeting Bob's friends and family.

The only minor hitch (which didn't affect the wedding) was that Will woke up on Saturday with 103 fever! The boy has never been sick, and he has to choose Mel's wedding day to start. Luckily, Carol was in town to stay with him during all of the wedding festivities. And, Zach was able to take him to the doctor that morning and get a shot of antibiotics. Dr. Levin was a guest at the wedding, so he knew what we were dealing with and was willing to do anything to help Will feel better (the benefit of having a family friend as your pediatrician). The fever went down by Sunday night, and Sweet Potato is doing just fine. Although, he still (over a week later) has a runny nose and a gross cough, and as of yesterday, a low-grade fever. But to some extent, I think these are just ever-present. I have been debating whether to take him back to the doctor. And, Zach and Carol have both contracted a version of Will's illness. By my calculations, I should be getting sick on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Where's the love?

Scene: Will's bathtub on Thursday night. Zach is out of town until Sunday. Will is playing and splashing happily in the tub.

Me: Will, can you say "Mama"?
Will (looking straight at me): Da Da.
Me: No, not Dada. MA-MA.
Will: Da Da.
Me: No, Will. Mama. MA. MA.
Will: DA. DA.

This continues for several more iterations, until, defeated, I give up.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Lake

We took Will to Lake Martin this past weekend for his first summertime visit. Of course, we had to pack up most of our house to go for a 48 hour visit, but that's okay. All of the lake stuff we did was really worth it. Oh wait...we didn't actually do much lake stuff! Due to the drought, the lake is waaaay down, which makes it extremely difficult to get to the boat based on the location of the docks, etc. Under normal circumstances, it's tough to get to the boat, but with a wiggly nine-month-old in your arms, it's virtually impossible and definitely not worth it. So, going on a boat ride was out. But, we thought Will would enjoy the water. But, we were wrong. We bought him a floaty shaped like a crab (and it has it's own sunshade over it), so we put him in that and Zach carried him into the water. Again, it was a bit unwieldy, but Zach managed to put Will and the floaty in the water. Will promptly started screaming and reaching up--begging to get out. I don't know if it was the water (which was kind of chilly--why do you think Zach was the one carrying him in?), the floaty, or a combination, but he was definitely unhappy. So, we pulled him out, dried him off, and set up the baby pool in the yard. However, the traumatic lake experience made Will wary of any bodies of water, even a baby pool, but he eventually warmed up to the idea.

So, there was not much in the way of water activities, but we did enjoy relaxing, going for walks, and scooting around the den and the screened porch playing with our toys (okay, that last one was really just Will).

In another big milestone, Will learned how to pull himself up while we were at the lake. He started doing it on the porch furniture, which apparently is the perfect height for pulling up. Then, we heard screaming after we put him down for a nap one morning. When I went in to check on him, he was standing up in the pack and play, but he DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO GET DOWN!!! I guess this is a common problem among kids this age, but it baffles figured out how to stand up (which requires a pretty good amount of strength and coordination), but letting go and falling down on your butt to get back down flummoxes you?? Regardless, we are proud of this new accomplishment, although I think it may be an impediment to sleep. Why sleep if you can stand up?