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Friday, October 30, 2009

What a Day

It all started Tuesday night. Zach and I went out and left the kids with a new babysitter, who was great, except that she forgot to put a pull-up on Will when he went to bed. So, around midnight, he woke up and was soaked head to toe. Zach went upstairs to sleep with Will in the guest bedroom, and we thought all was well.

But no. At 6AM on Wednesday, I heard Julia waking up (a little later than normal!), and I went to get her. When I walked in her room, I was overcome by a horrible smell that I couldn't fully identify, so I groggily handed Julia her cup of milk, which she proceeded to chug. At this point, I'm waking up a little more and realize that the smell is due to the throw up covering everything in Julia's crib, including her. And, the incident hadn't just occurred, which means that at some point during the night, she threw up everywhere, and then went back to sleep IN THE THROW UP! This horrifies me on many levels (and confuses me--I mean, the child wakes up and screams if bunny is out of place, but when there's 5 gallons of throw up emanating from her body, she doesn't let anyone know?!). So, we put Julia in the bath and start the process of washing everything in her room (and everything in Will's room, due to the bed-wetting incident). We then all went downstairs, and Julia eventually throws up again (see cup of milk, above). Clearly, she's had to stay home. But, we got Will off to school, Julia took a good nap and seemed to feel better, and we thought all was well.

But no. That afternoon, Will got home from school and was outside playing with Charlie, as usual. All of the sudden we heard screams and ran outside to see what was wrong. Turns out that Charlie had thrown a frisbee that accidentally hit Will square in his left eye. He was obviously in a lot of pain and wouldn't open his eye, but when he did, we saw that the white part of his eye was filled with blood. This FREAKED ME OUT (but I did try to remain calm for my child's sake), so we called the doctor, who sent us to the Eye Foundation Emergency Room (since it is of course after normal business hours). We got to the ER, got checked in, and Will calmed down a bit. Again, we thought all was well.

But no. While we're in the waiting room, Will started throwing up--apparently he contracted his sister's bug. So, he threw up about 8 times while we're waiting for the doctor--in the waiting room (all over himself and Zach), in the hall, in the bathroom, in the exam room. Let me tell you, the people there LOVED US! But finally, we saw the doctor and found out that Will's eye injury is not very serious. It looks worse than it is, but should completely heal in a few weeks. We got a prescription for some eye drops and instructions on what to do next, and we headed home.

Even I am tiring of this story at this point, so let me just finish it up for you: Will threw up again at midnight, so I went up to sleep with him in the guest room. He coughed all night, and each time he coughed, I worried that he was going to throw up again. So, I got about 37 minutes of sleep all night, but fortunately there was no more throw up. In the morning (Thursday, in case you're keeping track), I decided that Will needed to go to his regular pediatrician just to touch base about everything and make sure the cough was nothing serious (like the pneumonia he had this summer). Well, the cough is no big deal, but he does have a raging ear infection! I had asked him point blank if his ear hurt, and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "No, Mama. My EYE." So, he never mentioned anything--I guess he was too busy with all of his other ailments.

It is now Friday. We have been vomit free for over 36 hours. Both of the children are on antibiotics (Julia is on her third round--she's had an ear infection for five weeks that she just can't kick). Both children have had the throw up bug. Will looks like he got in a bar fight and sounds like he's been smoking for 25 years. But, things are looking up. Both children are back at school today, and we have a fun weekend planned. Of course, almost anything will be better than the past few days!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fun

This past weekend we took Will to Old Baker Farm, which is a working farm about 30 minutes from Birmingham that has a pumpkin patch and hay rides. Sunday was a beautiful day, so we met some of Will's friends from school out at the farm, and they had a blast! It was very idyllic...the bright blue sky, happy children running around, bales of hay, fresh pumpkins. Will went to the petting zoo, climbed the hay bales, and even rode a horse! He also loved the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and had a great time picking out his own pumpkin (although he kept changing his mind). Here are a few pictures from the gorgeous day--it was such a fun time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

She's No Dummy

Tonight I put some strawberries and green beans on Julia's tray. Now, strawberries are her favorite (ok, really, her ONLY) food to eat, so she was thrilled to have those. But, before she would take one bite of the strawberries, she systematically picked up each piece of green bean and threw it right on the floor. When I tried to put one directly in her mouth, she stuck out her tongue, grabbed the offensive bean, and threw it on the floor, as well.

I'm going to put a positive spin on this and say that she just really knows what she likes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Will-isms

"Mama, who is God?"
"Well, God makes the world."
"No...that's Santa Claus."

"Daddy, I need some whipped cream on my bottom!"
"You mean diaper cream?"

I recently took a trip to New York, and when I got back, Will had only one question: "Mama, did you see Alex, the lion?" (the lion from Madagascar who lives in the Central Park zoo in the movie). I had to tell him that sadly, I did not see Alex, the lion. Suddenly, my trip wasn't so cool anymore.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thoughts by Will

"Stinker bottom. Daddy is a stinker bottom because he toots. A LOT. He toots a lot. He's a tooter man. He toots all the time! And he's old."