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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


For some reason, Julia consistently refers to her forehead as her "two-head". As in, "I bump my two-head!" I'm not sure how this came about...maybe she thinks it's called that because she's two. After all, two IS her favorite number.

Being the big brother that he is, Will set about to correct Julia about foreheads:
"Julia, it's not called a two-head. It's a FOREHEAD. Do you know why it's called a forehead? I think because it is FOUR inches high. Or wait...maybe it's because it's four inches from your nose. But, it's FOREhead, not two-head."

Gotta love four-year-old logic. Good thing he's around to impart this wisdom to his sister.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girlie Thursdays

As Julia's vocabulary increases, it turns out that Will's not the only one who says cute things.

Lately, if I ask Julia, "Are you a little monkey?"
She replies with, "No, I a cutie!"
Or sometimes, "No, I Mama's baby. I Mama's baby girl."

The other day, I told Julia it was almost time for supper.
"I want pizza."
"No, we're not having pizza for supper. You had pizza for lunch at school."
"Oh...(pause)...I want lunch."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Will-isms

I was recently explaining the concept of "morning breath" to Will...why, I'm not exactly sure, but it came up somehow. So, I told him how it meant that after you were sleeping all night long, your breath didn't smell very good in the morning.

The other night, I was doing some work in the office after I put Julia to bed. Zach was getting Will to bed, and I went in to say goodnight. As I leaned over him to give him a kiss, Will declared, "Mama, you have working breath!" I guess some teeth-brushing was in order.

Almost every morning, Will comes into our room when he wakes up. And, from the moment he wakes up, he is talking (or singing--sometimes we start the morning with him serenading us with his guitar and a song). So, one day he comes in blabbering away, then momentarily takes a breath and says, "I am a TALKER. I love to talk. That's just the way God made me!"

I couldn't argue with him.

On a related note, I asked him if he ever gets in trouble at school, and he said yes, for talking. He told me he likes to talk all of the time, and this gets him in trouble during story time. Again, not surprising.