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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girlie Thursdays

I've got a new nickname for Julia: the Naked Bandit. Well, more accurately, the Bottomless Bandit (and that's even alliterative...bonus!). Yes, the other morning when I went into her room, Julia had taken off her pajama pants, taken off her diaper, and peed--deliberately--all over her crib. Apparently, we had ignored her for too long and she wasn't going to take it anymore! Now, before anyone suggests that she was just tired of her soaking wet overnight diaper, that is not the case. In fact, Zach had been in her room about 30 minutes prior to this event, had changed her diaper, given her some milk, and tried to get her to go back to sleep. You see, Julia has been waking up at the ungodly hour of around 5AM this week, so Zach had been (futilely) trying to get her to go back to sleep until a reasonable hour. She was quiet for a few minutes, so we thought the plan had been somewhat successful. But, actually, that's when she was stripping.

I love this baby to death, but I don't know what to do with her. She is a mess! If anyone has any advice on how to put an end to the 5AM wake-up calls or, more importantly, the crib strip routine, please leave a comment and enlighten me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Will-isms

Will had lots of comments this week. Then again, he always has lots of comments because he does not stop talking. Ever. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

Will on...nicknames:
Me, to Julia: "Come here bud, let's put on your shoes."
Will: "Mama! I am bud. She is sweetie."

Me, to Julia another time: "Julia, you look cool with your sunglasses on!"
Will: "Mama, she does not look 'cool'. She looks pretty."

Will on...religion:
"Mama, does God have a body?"
"Does Jesus have a body?"
"When I go to heaven, will I have a body? Will I ever get hurt in heaven?"
(All of the above accompanied by my feeble attempts at answers.)

Prayers by Will:
"Dear God, when I grow up, please make me a red Power Ranger so that I can fight the bad guys. Please, God. Amen."

"Dear God, please don't let Daddy pass us because I want to be first and it's not safe to pass. Amen." (Said in the car when we were leaving for school one day and Zach was in his car.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Girlie Thursdays: First Haircut

Since Julia is getting older and more interactive, I thought she should get some weekly press time on the blog. So, I'm instituting "Girlie Thursdays," where I will do a post on our little Ju-ju. I'm sure I'll be just as good about posting as I am for Wednesday Will-isms, which is to say, not good at all. But, we'll see how it goes.

To start off, this week's post is about Julia's first haircut! Her hair had been getting a little mullet-esque and was kind of stringy and wild. So, even though I eventually want it to grow, I thought it was time for a trim. On Sunday, we took both of the kids to one of those walk-in haircut places, since I have no idea where one should go to get a little girl's hair cut. But, it turned out fine! It actually turned out great! Will went first and did a great job being very still and patient. Each time he gets his hair cut, I feel like he looks more and more like a big boy (combined with the fact that he gets taller and skinnier every day!) Then it was Julia's turn, and I prepared myself for disaster. The (male) stylist cutting their hair didn't seem too warm and fuzzy or very good with kids, so I had visions of tantrums and chunks of hair on the floor, but we persevered. Apparently, I neglected to factor in the power of the sucker. The sucker was key--she ate it happily and didn't pay too much attention to the strange man with scissors near her head. And just like that, it was over, and she had an adorable new bob! I knew that she shape was much better, but I couldn't believe the difference it made to her "look," and I couldn't believe how many of the teachers at school commented it on it (positively). So sweet! Here are some pics of the big event. I don't have a good "after" shot yet because Julia doesn't cooperate with the picture taking these days. Hopefully, I'll get one soon so you can see the adorableness in action.

As a side note to this post, Julia has become very interested in her hair, in general. She often requests a "air-bow" and if she sees her barrettes, she wants to wear those, too. She is not dissuaded if she already has a barrette or bow in her hair, she's fine with wearing multiple at once. It's part the look she's developing. I'm sure it will be all the rage soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Will-isms

Will on...poop.

Zach: "Will, you have to poop again? Does your tummy hurt?"

Will (exasperated, as usual): "Daddy, that's how it works. You eat food and it goes down your throat and into your body and then it comes out as poop. I just ate a cookie, so now I have to poop. See? That's how it works."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Quite Yet

Julia has been showing signs that she is getting interested in being potty trained: She tells us (with relatively good accuracy) when she needs her diaper changed. And, she's very interested in the actual potty, so I thought I would try to encourage that. Of course, she was scared when I tried to let her sit on the big potty...probably because she felt like she was going to fall in. I'd be scared too! As an alternative, we got the little potty out of the attic tonight.

The little potty went over really well...Julia thought it was a perfect spot to store her ducks from the bathtub. She liked opening and closing the lid. And then she stood up and peed on the floor...right next to the potty.

Nope, not ready yet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Will-isms

"What are you doing, Will?"
"I was just coming in to say good night to Julia. But right now, I'm not saying good night. I'm being wild."

"Mama, I like your shoes! Are those Sketchers?"

Um...what? How in the world does he know what Sketchers are?!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Last weekend, I was trying to get Will to take a nap while we were at Hulie and Bubs' house for Easter. Often I think that if I could just get him to lie still and close his eyes, he would probably fall asleep. So, I was telling him to close his eyes and think of some of his favorite things, like Christmas.

"No, Mama, I'm not going to think about Christmas. I'm going to think about monsters! And, well, Christmas too. And when I come to Hulie and Bubs' house to spend the night. And when Coco and Pop Pop come to our house. Those are the things I'm going to think about."

I love the window into his thoughts on his favorite things!

On a similar note, I've been meaning to post about Will's bedfellows. He went through a phase where he slept with random toys, like a matchbox firetruck and a hard plastic turtle. Somehow we have gotten past that, but there are now seven (at last count) specific animals that sleep with him each night, and they must be lined up in their correct positions, and the covers must "cover their necks." We've got some pretty strict guidelines around here. It seems that I never get the animals in their right spots, but the other night, I did for once, and Will was so excited. "MAMA! You did it! You got the animals right! Yay, Mama!" So, in case you're ever at our house and need an animal guide, this is the way I believe they are supposed to be laid out (from left to right if you're looking at the bed): Mousey, Tucker (aka black dog), Giraffe, Will on random Rudolph pillow and snuggling with Super Monkey, Super Giraffe, Dinosaur, and Gorilla. Take notes. There will be a test on this later.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So Pitiful

As I was putting Will to bed tonight, I told him that we were going to friend's third birthday party tomorrow.
"Mama, when am I going to be four?"
"On August 30th, Will. That's not too far."
"It's taking TOO LONG to get here." (sniff, sniff)
"What's wrong with being three?"
"Being three is too little. I don't want to be three anymore. I want to be four. When am I going to be four?? I really want to be four, Mama."

My only guess is that, since most of his friends in his class are already four, he's getting teased for still being three. I hadn't realized this was an issue (and who knows--it may never come up again). Poor thing. I guess this speaks to why it's best to not be the youngest in the class.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

First of all, let me say how impressed I am with everyone on blogs, Facebook, etc. who already have all of their Easter pictures up. I didn't even GET any good Easter pictures, much less would I have had them off the camera and onto the Interwebs within a day of the holiday. (My dad may have some reasonably cute ones that I can share at some point.) The children are at a point where getting good pictures of them is futile--and I'm not talking about achieving a perfect family photo; even pictures of each of them alone are difficult. Julia is too busy and doesn't stop long enough for you to snap a picture; she also seems wary of the camera most of the time. Will can take good pictures--if it suits his mood. On Sunday, he was just more interested in being silly.

Oh well. Despite the lack of photos, we had a nice Easter weekend, with the exception of the sickness that felled Mama on Saturday and Daddy on Sunday. Melanie and Bob were in town all last week (until Friday morning), which was such a nice treat. I took the day off on Thursday so that Mel and I could have some sister time. Friday, the kids were off of school and Zach was mostly off of work. Will had swimming lessons, we met some friends for a somewhat disasterous playdate (Will threw up when we got there--hopefully just from too much pool water--Julia was in full force, was not good at sharing, and got reealllly jealous when I held my friend's new baby), then the kids got Wendy's for dinner as a special treat before Mama and Daddy went out with friends. Will's comment about Wendy's: "Wendy's isn't healthy food, Mama....but I LIKE it!!"

Saturday was a bit of a bummer with the rain and the sickness, but it was partially redeemed by a marathon snuggle session with Will while we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Yes, I will watch Alvin and the Chipmunks if it involves snuggling with my favorite boy.

And then came Sunday! For once, we had glorious weather for was almost hot. And, bonus was that the kids didn't have to freeze in their (completely adorable) Easter outfits. In case I never get any pictures up (highly likely), Julia wore a pink bishop with ecru smocking and ecru lace. Will wore white pincord shorts and button-in-the-back shirt, with his monogram in ecru. And, he even wanted to wear the knee socks--I wasn't going to press it, but he CHOSE to wear them like that. The children were thrilled with their Easter baskets and the one Easter present that we had gotten each of them (what can I say...I was tired of the Easter bunny getting all the credit, especially for something as cool as a Batman motorcycle with a sidecar.) When Will saw a bunny Pez dispenser in his Easter basket, he exclaimed, "How did the Easter bunny know that this was the only thing I wanted?!" They also hunted eggs--both inside and out--but only plastic ones filled with candy and money. We never got around to dying eggs, which is probably for the best for everyone involved. We discovered that Julia really likes--no, I mean REALLY likes--candy in general, but specifically jelly beans. She caught on very quickly about opening the plastic eggs to see what was inside. If she found jelly beans, she would try to shove as many as she could into her mouth before we noticed and stopped her.

Despite the massive candy intake and a few "issues" about getting dressed, we actually made it to church on time. Julia, as usual, screamed her head off when Zach left her in the nursery. I made Zach take her because I knew there was a good chance I would chicken out if I had to leave her there. And Will...I am so proud of Will. He didn't want to go to the nursery, but instead wanted to come to church with us. I was skeptical, but he made it almost all the way through the service and was SO GOOD. He made it through the sermon, and then he and Zach headed out when the last anthem began. I felt we were pushing our luck to ask him to be quiet through the prayers of the people. But, I was amazed. He's even starting to get the idea of the meaning of Easter...well, sort of. In order to try to put it in language he could understand, I told him that bad guys killed Jesus and then a few days later, God brought him back to life. I explained that this is called resurrection and it's why we celebrate Easter. Later, I hear him telling Hulie, "...and then Jesus came back to life and it was magic!"

Well, close enough. Easter is magic in a way, and we had a great day celebrating. We enjoyed lunch at my parents' house after church, naps for some, and then a nice trip to the Botanical Gardens. Of course, I feel like I've been behind on life ever since the weekend, but I think it was worth it.