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Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

Conversation at midnight, lying in bed with a slightly sick, slightly pitiful Will (Zach is out of town):
"Mama?" (said in a small, quiet voice)
"Yes, baby. Mama's right here."

(30 seconds later)

"Yes, sweetheart. I'm still here."

At this point, I wrap my arm around Will, thinking that he wants my presence and comfort. He squirms and wiggles and forcibly removes my arm from him and scoots away. His message is clear: I want to know that you're nearby, but I don't want you to touch me. And oh yeah, I definitely don't want to go to sleep.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Along with animals, Will is also obsessed with airplanes. Any time he is outside he looks up and says "Airplane!", except that it comes out more like "Meh-pain!". If he happens to see an actual plane, well, that is just too much excitement. Often, Zach will do "airplane" with Will's food to get him to eat it. I'm sure you're all familiar with this tactic and how it goes. So, the other night, Will wanted me to eat a bite of his chicken, but I kept refusing. Finally he starts moving his fork around toward me and saying "Wooo. Wooo. Woo." Turns out, he was doing "airplane" to me to try to get me to eat the food! He is a little sponge....I am constantly amazed at what he learns and understands.

Update: Will has also started doing "airplane" to himself with his own food. It's too funny. But, whatever gets him to eat is fine with me. (Although, we all know he's not hurting in the food department.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas! (Only a few weeks late)

So, I am late on the Christmas post, but wanted to write something so that I'll remember all the details when I'm old and gray. This Christmas was great...Will was definitely into it, although I don't think he really understood it. He loved all of the presents, but didn't understand the concept of opening one after another. Instead, he'd open one, be super-excited about that and want to play with it, and then get mad/pitch a fit if you encouraged him to open another present. So, I guess the moral is that we should make sure he only has one present, but we all know that's not going to happen. In fact, Will got TWO Christmas celebrations this year: we celebrated the night of the 21st with my family and then headed to C'ville and celebrated there on the actual day. Here are some of the gifts Will received this year (in no particular order) and a few pictures of him enjoying the gifts.
  • A Will-sized green chair from Pottery Barn--he loves getting in and out of it

  • Lots of books and some new puzzles

  • Several new trucks, including a fire truck

  • A trike with a handle so mom and dad (and anyone else he can convince) can push it since he doesn't know how to peddle

  • A wagon (although, he doesn't know that he received this yet--Carol and Bill gave it to him and we didn't unpack it so that it will be easy for them to bring down in their car)

  • Two tool benches--a huge hit

  • Quite a few stuffed animals

  • A CD player that plays special-sized, kid-themed CDs that were included with it

  • A ball popper! He loves this toy and it keeps him entertained for a while, but it is just a wee bit annoying (understatement of the year), so we still haven't brought it in our house.

Obviously, he's one lucky kid. And we're one lucky family.

Monday, January 7, 2008

La La La

Will currently LOVES animals--reading about them, pointing them out on the street, doing the animal noises, etc. He knows the animal noises for cow, sheep, horse, frog, cat, dog, lion/tiger, and a new addition...owl (hoohoo). I particularly love that he uses different inflections for the different types of animals, e.g., the "meow" for the cat is said in a high-pitched squeak and the "ribbit" for the frog is throaty.

In keeping with the animal theme, one of Will's favorite books is "Moo, Baa, Lalala" by Sandra Boynton. (I am consistently amazed that she gets paid lots of money to write this stuff. "A cow says 'Moo'." is not revolutionary.) Anyway, it's a cute book, but has one drawback: I now think Will believes that pigs say "Lalala".