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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Things Will Did Over Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Continued his affinity, which started last week, for wishing everyone a happy birthday and singing the Happy Birthday song. He really only likes the third line, where you say "Happy Birthday dear " and gets a bit frustrated when I sing the whole thing. His preferred people to sing to are Abby (from his class at school), Coleman, Molly, and Daddy.
  2. Starting referring to everyone, including himself, as a "silly boy". As in, "Will Silly Boy" "Daddy Silly Boy" (except it comes out as "See Boy"). This comes from when we asked him, "Are you a silly boy?"
  3. Developed a new love, in addition to Molly and Abby: Lissa. Our friends, Ryan and Lissa, came to visit from D.C. for the weekend, and Will was obsessed with Lissa! Luckily, she was a good sport, because he drug her around all weekend, demanding to "hold hands" and telling her where to sit so that he could sit in her lap.
  4. Went swimming for the first time this season. He was a bit tentative at first, but loved it once he got the hang of it. He even ducked completely under the water with me and also worked on kicking his legs and splashing. (He's particularly good at the splashing, having perfected his technique in the bathtub.)
  5. Ran his typical holiday/vacation-weekend-fever: 102 on Friday and 101 on Saturday. He had no other symptoms, so maybe it was from teething. Who knows. Yet, in standard practice, he didn't act sick at all, and the fever was gone by Sunday. He also went on a bit of a hunger strike, probably due to not feeling his best.
  6. Perfected his new dance, the Will Mather Shuffle. It looks like a cross between a galloping horse, a basketball player shuffling sideways down the court, and a man with a limp, dragging his leg behind him. He debuted this dance at the ice cream shop on Sunday, but we've seen it several times since then.
  7. Experienced euphoria when Daddy turned the ball popper into a confetti machine by tearing up pieces of paper and letting them spew out all over the place. It certainly made a mess, but was worth it for Will's reaction. Of course, the ball popper is now in permanent hiding.
  8. Played with his new water table and learned to run through a sprinkler with Daddy. He seemed to like it better when just Daddy ran through the sprinkler, though. I'm not sure he was convinced that this was a great activity.
  9. Played golf in the backyard and learned some golf "slang". He picked up his driver and declared "Big dog eat." Apparently, Zach taught him this, and Will only says it for the club that is supposed to be the driver. I believe it's a golf term that people say before they use their driver to smash the ball really far. It's funny, though, because Will has certainly retained this information and says it each time he uses the driver.
  10. Looked at me and said, "Night night, Mama. Lull-loo." (aka Love You) when I put him to bed last night.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Speaking of Molly, I've been meaning to share some pictures that she took of Will that I think are just adorable (I might be a little biased). These are from a birthday party that Will attended for his friend, Coleman, at the end of March. I can't believe these were taken almost two months ago!

Will's New Love

Will has a new love, and her name is Molly. We went to visit our friend, Molly Taylor, yesterday, and I've never seen Will act like he did. It was clear that he had a crush on her! I don't know what prompted this love, but it is intense. When we arrived, he was essentially break-dancing on her living room floor...lying around, kicking his legs, but making sure we, and especially Molly, were watching every move. Then he started running between Zach and Molly, giving a huge hug to each, then running back to the other one. He wanted to sit in Molly's lap. He asked her to "hold you". He wanted to give her kisses and hugs and didn't want to leave. The whole way home, he kept lamenting, "See Molly. See Molly!" Even today, Will kept repeating "Go beach with Molly" (we've discussed that we're going to the beach with her next week). Clearly Parrish (Molly's husband) needs to watch out...he's got competition.

Will coloring with his true love.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tough Morning

Will had a tough morning yesterday. First, he wanted to get in the "big bed" but was disappointed when we went in our bedroom and Daddy wasn't there. Then, I couldn't do anything right for him...he wanted me to move the pillows, sit over there, pull the covers over him, no...take the covers off. "No Mama." was a persistent refrain.

Later, he was trying to turn on the "moo-sik" on our clock radio, and he bumped his face right into the bedside table. So, we had to get the "Boo-Boo Babbit" (which most people know as a Boo-Boo Bunny), which he then proclaimed as "Cold Babbit" (well yes, Will, that's the point).

To top it all off, as we were leaving, Will pressed the water dispenser on the refrigerator and squirted water all over himself and the floor. Although he's done it before and usually thinks it's funny, he instead started crying and said "All wet, Mama. All wet." Poor baby...we've all had days like this that just didn't get off the right start.

Cute Things

I've been meaning to mention two cute things that Will has been doing lately. The first is his asking to "hold hands?". While this is quite adorable, it's also quite manipulative. "Hold hands" really just means "take my hand and I'll show you where I want to go and what I want to do and it's probably something that you don't want me to do right now." But still, I love holding that grubby little paw in mine.

The second just melts my heart, and thus he ALWAYS gets what he requests. Will will look up at me, hold up his arms, and say "hold you". This comes from the fact that I often ask, "Do you want me to hold you?" So, he hasn't quite mastered the pronouns, but there's still no way I can resist this (and he knows it).

I needed to post about these sweet things this week because it's been a tough week, and Will hasn't exactly been on his best behavior. I think he's mad we left him this weekend (although, from the way he's been talking, he clearly had a blast at Hulie and Bubs' house). He's also seemed confused about why Mama came back, but Daddy didn't. Luckily, Daddy will be back later today, and I am very hopeful that Will's mood and behavior will improve. (He also hasn't been feeling 100%, so I'm sure that hasn't helped over the past few days.) He hasn't really been bad...just ornery.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Terrible "Twos"

No one told Will that he isn't two yet. So, he decided to start the "terrible" part early. We always knew he was precocious!

Last night, we took Will to get a haircut. Of course, it wasn't his best time of day, but he's usually pretty amiable...well, as long as he gets to do exactly what he wants. While he was getting his hair cut, the stylist gave him a little cup full of Froot Loops to eat. However, he wasn't eating them, since he also had a sucker (yes, we'll do anything to keep him quiet and still). So, after the haircut, he hands me his cup of cereal--of which he has still yet to have ANY bites--and I throw it away. I might as well have cut off his arm. Me throwing away the cereal threw him into a TOTAL tailspin. Complete meltdown. Full-on tantrum like we've never seen before: real tears, throwing himself on the floor, kicking and screaming. Needless to say we left the haircut place pretty quickly. And, after about two more minutes of this in the car, he calmed down and was FINE the rest of the night.

Ahhh...the twos should be lots of fun. And, I'm sure adding a new sister to the mix will be a breeze.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've had several moments with Will lately that I don't want to forget, but they don't warrant an entire post. So, here they are:


The other day we are waiting at a traffic light, and Will is particularly antsy to get out of his seat. He sees the light turn green, but I hesitate for a moment before I start going (maybe because there are other cars in front of me!) Will immediately declares: "Geen! Go!" Well, okay then. I guess that's what I get for teaching him what the colors on the lights mean.

We were watching the Today Show the other morning, on a day where Zach was out of town. Matt Lauer comes on, a bit unshaven and wearing sunglasses (he was doing some travel segment). Will looks at the screen, points, and yells, "DADDY!!" I'm sure he meant it as a compliment.

The dad of one of the kids in Will's class often says "Ciao baby" when he drops his daughter off at school. Apparently, Will has been paying attention, and has made this one of his new sayings. When he's saying goodbye to someone, he might use the standard "Bye-bye," but he might employ his new phrase: "Ciao babies." (not sure why it's plural) Or, a third option: The other day at the park, I said "See you later." He yelled back, "SEE YOU LAT-UH!!!"

Will is obsessed with trucks in general, but he particularly likes garbage trucks. He has a book that has a picture of a garbage truck, and I thought he was going to pass out from excitement when we read it the other night. "Bar-bage tuck. Bar-bage tuck!! TASH UP! Mama, tash up!" For you lay people who don't speak toddler, this means, "The garbarge truck picks up the trash, and I'm REALLY excited about that fact." Even after we closed the book and turned off the light, Will kept muttering, "Tash up. Barbage tuck. Tash up."

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's a GIRL!

OK, I know that I suck for not posting sooner. And I know that most (if not all) readers already know this news, but I thought I should share. The Internet was right: WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! I am very excited and have already been purchasing lots of pink things. I'm very excited to have "one of each" know what it's like to raise a girl and see the differences between the sexes (of course, I know that even if the children were both boys or were even twins, there would still be vast differences). Anyway, I'm thrilled, and I think Zach is too. Although, he seems a bit nervous about what to do with a girl (probably similar to the way I felt about having a boy) and very worried about her having him wrapped around her little finger (which she totally will).

Despite my excitement about a girl, I also can't help but feel twinges of sadness...this is quite possibly (ok, probably) our last baby. So, I feel a bit sad when looking at the baby boy clothes in stores, when going through Will's things to see what a girl could use, and knowing that Will will (likely) not have a brother (and baby girl will probably not have a sister). But, reagardless of all of these feelings, I hope and pray--and honestly believe--that the family we will have will be our version of perfect. I can't wait to meet this new baby and introduce her to the craziness that is our--and her--family.