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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do You Speak Julia?

Julia is rapidly increasing her vocabulary. Some things, like Mama and Dada, are easy to understand and identify. But, there are certain "words" that she has that might be tough for the average person to comprehend. So, I present the Julia dictionary:

Rock = Chair (as in rocking chair), rocking horse, or "hold me in your arms and sway"

Bock = Sock, shoe, chicken (as in the sound a chicken makes)--either a picture of a chicken or a piece of chicken that you eat, or toe. You really have to use your context clues on this one.

Night-night = Blanket or "I want to go to bed"

Yak-yak = Telephone or "I want to talk on the phone" (I find this one hilarious.)

Dee-Dee = Baby

Wuh-wuh = Will

Ma-at = Cat (I think it's a combo of 'meow' and 'cat')

Ooh-OOH = Dog (as in the sound of a dog barking)

Bu-uh? = Book or sometimes belly button

Bubbles? = Bath or "I want to wash my hands"

Nack = Snack or ANY food item

Miiilll = Milk or ANY drink

Ooh! (while pointing to diaper) = I need a diaper change

Uh-UH = "I want that! No, THAT. THAAAAT! Not that, THAT!! Why can't you get this???"

AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAEIEIEEEEEE = "My life is so hard. No one understands me! I never get what I want!! Why can't anyone HELP me?!?" (We hear this one a lot lately. It's usually accompanied by someone throwing herself on the ground. Typically, it's Julia. Sometimes, it's me.)

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